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To celebrate our anniversary, it was agreed that the club was to have a club weekend camp, open to members: past and present and their families. The chosen destination was Dent in Cumbria on the border of the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District. See the pictures on the following pages. ( those bloody midges !! )

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In October 1985 "Dukesy" left the club and Paul "Routy" Routledge took over as number 1, it was around this time that I ("Snelly") joined the club,along with some other reprebates including "Wilky" "Philys" "Mick" "Beever" and "Jez" . I was actually given Dukesy's patches. (One of our club rules is that our patches are the property of the club and if anyone leaves they must be returned, which we think makes us even prouder to wear our colours because they are not generally available like a lot of other patches).

By 1988 the club had about fifteen members including "Hubbard" "Braif" "Nick" "Scotty" "Russfish" and "Kenny" and we were attending nearly every national rally with full club turnout to rallies including...Scarbrough, Morecambe, Great Yarmouth, Girvan and Dunbar. In fact if you didn't attend a rally you were guaranteed a right bollocking and a serious amount of piss taking at the next meeting. The club once organised it's own rally to the Lake District, when the prospect of a south coast rally was too much to bear.

In 1990 Routy left the club and I took over as number 1, but by 1994, like many others the club was dying on it's feet and at one point we were down to just 5 rally going members, they were...Myself, "Wilky", "Pants", "Woody" and "Sid", but we soldiered on and slowly but surely the membership started to increase again. I stepped down as number 1 in 1999, although I am still a member of the club. Jason Taylor took over as number one and he introduced a few changes to the club, things like... an annual membership fee, rather than subs and all the money goes back to the members either in subsidising b&b's or T.Shirts or whatever, we also now have a club newsletter every couple of months, legshield banners, our very own-very large club flag and of course this web site, we also had our first shin dig at the end of November 2000 which was a huge success.

During the last 23 years the club has had many ups and downs, but I think if you asked any member, past or present, they would all say that they have had a right good laugh while being in the club.

Some personal memories that spring to mind and they are quite funny aswell include..... Woody grass-tracking across a roundabout on the way to Great Yarmouth (no one had told him he was meant to go around it!!!!). Wilky being threatened with expulsion from the RAC for abusing their relay & recovery service. Myself overtaking 4 other scooters (showing off) only to slam into the back of a car on the way to Morecambe. The back up van to Girvan containing a full 3-piece suite (!!!!), 40 gallons of erm rather dodgy diesel and various hitch hikers picked up along the way. Having a bit of a row with another local club at Morecambe which was starting to get nasty when some local lads started to take the piss out of us, where upon all arguments were forgotten as we grouped together to give the locals a kicking, those were the days.

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